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italian for foreigners - visas

Student VISA

All students coming from countries that are members of the European Union or Schengen  do not require a visa. 


To enroll please fill in the "Enrolment form" [Click here to download] and send it to: inlingua cremona - via Ugolani Dati 1 - 26100 Cremona - Italia - fax: +39 0372 801 502 - email: info@inlinguacremona.it

Non-European Union citizens

Visits of up to 90 days: students coming from non-European countries do not require a visa for visits up to a maximum of 90 days. They can visit Italy as tourists. Please take note, students from the following countries must apply for a tourist visa: Belarus, Bosnia-Herzegovina, China, Colombia, Macedonia, Georgia, Marocco, Peru, Serbia, Montenegro, Russia, Taiwan, Thailand, Turkey and Ukraine.

Visits of more than 90 days: people who want to study in Italy for more than 90 days are required to hold a visa. They must personally present themselves to the nearest Italian Embassy or Consulate to apply for a student visa. For more detailed information, check this website out: VISTO PER ITALIA 

How to obtain a student visa - Requirements

In order to obtain a student visa, applicants must prove the following:

  • that they are capable of maintaining themselves economically (without public funding) during their planned visit; this should include the payment of the course and their accommodation/lodging;
  • that they intend to return to their home country after the course is completed and possess the required amount of money to travel back or have already purchased a valid return-ticket;
  • that they are  entitled to medical care in Italy;
  • that they have suitable accommodation in Italy;
  • that they have enrolled for an Italian course.

These are the documents that an applicant must present:

  • a valid passport;
  • a declaration, authorized and registered by a public notary, stating that the student has sufficient financial funds in order to maintain him/herself during the period of stay in Italy;
  • a certificate (and a copy) from their bank indicating the relevant account numbers of the student’s or parent’s accounts, attesting the student’s financial situation;
  • an internationally valid health insurance policy;
  • a certificate of enrolment from inlingua Cremona school.

Once in Italy, students are required to report their presence on Italian territory to the central police station “Questura” within 8 working days from the date of arrival and apply for a residence permit. Please find the details of the police station in Cremona:

Questura di Cremona -  Via  dei Tribunali, 6, 26100 Cremona CR   Tel. +39 0372 4881

Opening hours are: from Monday to Friday, 8.30 – 12.30

Inlingua Cremona will assist students providing them with the necessary material to complete the student visa application request.

Once received the completed inlingua course enrolment form, accepted by both parties and financially settled, the school will provide the student with the letter of acceptance detailing the course schedule (necessary to receive the student visa).

If the visa request is rejected, the student will have to inform the school by and not later than the last Friday of the week before the course starts before 5 p.m. In this case, 90% of the total fee would be returned to the student, while the 10% will be charged for administrative expenses. 

Should you require any further assistance, please do not hesitate to contact us info@inlinguacremona.it