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 Virtual Conversation Courses  by Inlingua International

Virtual Conversation Courses : an extra conversation opportunity for our customers.A trainer and one to four learners from different inlingua centers meet online,using audio and webcam to communicate. The courses will be managed and delivered by inlingua International. The trainer is an experienced inlingua trainer from an inlingua center, trained and under continuous supervision by inlingua International.Two types of conversation courses will be offered. A general course and a more specific business course. See below for details.The student will start the course with a welcome session to be sure that all of the(attached) technical requirements are met, and the procedures are clear.The conversation courses start as low as euro 100,00 for 10 conversation sessions plus one welcome session.


Virtual Conversation Courses: Content - Pricing - Starting Dates

General Virtual Conversation Course

Welcome Meeting (30 min.)

01 Breaking the Ice  02 Background  03 Achievement 04 News 05 Virtual World

06 On the Move 07 Planning  08 Predictions 09 Buying and Selling  10 Leisure

Business Virtual Conversation Course

Welcome Meeting (30 min.)

01 Travel & Tourism  02 Telephoning  03 Interviews  04 Socializing Across Cultures

05 Presentations 06 Meetings 07 Negotiating 08 Finance 09 Human Resources 10 Real Estate


Group of four learners: Euro 100,00 per learner for 11 sessions including a welcome meeting

Group of two learners: Euro 200,00 per learner for 11 sessions including a welcome meeting

One to one course: Euro 400,00 per learner for 11 sessions including a welcome meeting

Each conversation session lasts 45 minutes. The welcome session lasts 30 minutes. The learner needs to log in five to fifteen minutes before each session begins. Both courses are suitable for level B1 and B2 learners.

Course Offerings: Starting Dates

Per ulteriori informazioni contattare la D.ssa Simona Rizzi  - tel 3485120515 email: simona.rizzi@inlinguacremona.it

Per formalizzare l’iscrizione sarà sufficiente ritornarci il modulo scaricabile qui.


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